What Postpartum Care SHOULD look like

As a mother of three and a pregnancy/postpartum specialist physical therapist, I now have the unique perspective of having been on both sides of postpartum care. As a patient, I was SHOCKED at how little follow-up and monitoring there was for me after I had my first daughter. As a physical therapist, I was used to setting up 6-8 week research based recovery programs for something as simple as a knee strain to return an athlete back to the field. So where was my recovery program???

The current recommendations I got and hear from my patients are rest and kegels. One exercise…THAT IS PATHETIC. For a rotator cuff surgery, we get 7 PAGES of recovery guidance. It has to be better for our new moms. I would not be complaining if kegels alone actually worked. But we know from the research that:

30-40% of women will continue to significantly suffer from common conditions like incontinence, diastasis recti, prolapse, and back pain ONE YEAR after having a baby.

Proximity Telehealth fills this absolute gap and lack of care for postpartum mothers. We offer comprehensive, personalized, evidence based information and treatment from medical professionals who specialize in postpartum care to support women during this unique physical and emotional time frame. You are no longer alone in your recovery journey.

Through Proximity, you have access to pregnancy/postpartum specialist physical therapists, board certified lactation consultants, postpartum counselors, and registered dietitians all from the comfort or your home or office. We meet you over secure and confidential video chat eliminating your need to take extra time off from work, driving to and from appointments or hiring a babysitter to watch your newborn.

Here’s is a quote from one of our most recent patients:

I went about my postpartum recovery all wrong. I spent hours at the gym and with my personal trainer without seeing the results I was looking for. With the guidance from the specialists at Proximity, I was able to eliminate my diastasis recti and am much better prepared for my upcoming pregnancy. Thank you!