Pregnant with Back Pain? What You Can Do Right Now To Feel Your Best

Pregnancy and back pain go hand-in-hand for many women. Increased stress from weight gain, hormones, and even the way you move throughout the day can all contribute. As a mom of three and a physical therapist, here are three tips I used while was pregnant and that I also give my pregnant patients to relieve back pain.

Use a Towel Roll While Sitting

Take a towel or small pillow and place it on the back of your chair. Sit on the front half of the towel to force your hips forward in a neutral sitting posture by pushing them slightly forward. A neutral posture allows your spine and pelvis to support the weight of your upper body efficiently. This also helps you avoid sitting on your tailbone. Your tailbone (coccyx) was never meant have the weight of your body on it while sitting and can be extremely sensitive during pregnancy.

Use a Foot Stool While Standing

Standing, just like sitting, in one place all day is not healthy. A foot stool encourages movement while you are standing and is one of the best ways to reduce pain in the low back for women who stand for a long period of time. Raise your foot up on the stool, rock it on the edge, and stretch to reduce the amount of static stress on your back.

Tennis Ball Massage

The tennis ball massage is my absolute favorite tip for any type of muscle pain in the body. I use single or double tennis ball setup to massage different body parts depending on the pain. I find that a single tennis ball is the most pain relieving when muscles are located away from the spine like the hips, legs, and shoulders. I use the double tennis ball, or bean shaped ball, to massage the muscles on the sides of the spine from my neck down to the low back. Keep tennis balls handy in your desk or family room so they are always nearby and ready to use. And here is the link to the Yoga Tune Up Balls I mention in the video.

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