Can you run a leak free 5K?

After I had my second child, I experienced my first episodes of leaking with running. My pants were soaked. At first I thought it was increased sweating but I quickly realized how wrong I was!

I was so embarrassed and discouraged. I tried running a few more times thinking that it would “just go away” if I ignored the symptoms. Then, I tried about ten thousand kegels and my symptoms became significantly worse. (If this sounds like you too, check out one of our most popular blogs Kegels not working for you…3 Reasons Why)

I wanted to continue running for fitness and stress relief but at that point every run was causing more stress because I was experiencing so many problems with incontinence. I knew that my pelvic floor was the problem so I used my skills as a physical therapist to dive into the research and take the specialty training to learn how to fix this for myself.

My issues are now resolved and inspired me to help women just like you through my online clinic and video education.

If you want to join me in the club of women who now run races carefree click below to download Leak Free 5K.