Congratulations! Are you hoping to have a healthy, active pregnancy and feel prepared for delivery? Is back pain getting in the way?

We made this special video guide just for you!

3 Simple and Effective Tips to Reduce Pregnancy Related Low Back Pain

(FREE Guide) Teaches You 3 Tips To Have a Healthy, Active and Pain Free Pregnancy

 "Your body changes significantly over the course of your pregnancy. If you are experiencing pain and discomfort that is a sign that your body is struggling to handle the changes and needs extra support. Isn’t it great that your body is telling you to get help so you prepare your body prior to delivery day. Learn here how to take the first steps…

What Women Just Like You Are Saying About Proximity Telehealth

“When I first started with Proximity, I was 8 month pregnant with concerns about my history with diastasis, hernia & working out effectively but safely at the end of my pregnancy. I also wanted to focus on any trauma I could prevent in labor with having my second child. Anne was able to guide with me techniques that successfully helped bridge some of my struggles & my labor. My postpartum experience has been just all around a way better experience since having her. Proximity Telehealth is truly a great tool if your having a baby or going though physical need that calls for special skills! She also taught me a lot more about my own anatomy which I found pretty neat too ... thanks Anne for all your help!”

— Mackenzie O, Florida

A Message From Our Founder, Anne Madden, PT, DPT...

Are you currently pregnant and excited/nervous about your upcoming delivery? A few short years ago, I was just like you! I am Dr. Anne Madden, PT, DPT a Pregnancy and Postpartum Physical Therapist and founder of Proximity Telehealth. I believe women are deserving of exceptional care during pregnancy and postpartum. As a mother of 3, I know what it’s like to deal with all that mom life brings!

I understand, first hand, the HUGE TRANSITION your body goes through with pregnancy and after delivery.

Pregnancy is exciting and wonderful but can also be full of stress and uncertainty. Knowing what to do during this time is essential for a healthy pregnancy.

Here are some hard truths I’ve seen over my years of treating women. Many mothers in their late 40’s and 50’s continue to deal with pain, incontinence, and prolapse symptoms that began just shortly after having children. As women age, we see joint replacement surgeries and chronic back pain along with continued leaking of pee and pelvic floor issues. Unfortunately, ending up in a wheelchair due to pain and 24/7 in diapers is the reality for many women. This is NOT the future I want for myself or any of you!

I sincerely congratulate you for taking steps NOW toward a healthy future. Small changes now will produce exceptional results for your future self!

Now here is some awesome news! I was a mother who suffered from significant prolapse and incontinence symptoms and am now back to running 5+ mile leak and symptom free. I now know what steps it takes to relieve your symptoms and more importantly prevent them. We are here with the expertise to help you have a comfortable pregnancy and prepare you for a safe and healthy delivery.

Pregnancy is the ideal time to start preparing for your postpartum recovery. Don’t let pain or symptoms prevent you from the delivery you want. That is why we created this guide.

Many of our patients ask us the same questions…

  • My body is uncomfortable and I’m having lots of back pain , what can I do?

  • I know how I want my delivery to go, how can I best prepare?

  • Is it safe to exercise while I am pregnant? How often and what type?

    Great news for you! If you are currently pregnant and here looking for answers, then you are already miles ahead of the game. Starting now is huge to preventing many problems.

    Here is my last piece of advice. Don’t get stuck trying to make a decision about what to do next. Many women wait days, weeks, months (even years!) without taking action.

    If you are having symptoms, take action now. Don’t let pain get in the way of the healthy active pregnancy and delivery you want!

3 Simple and Effective Tips to Reduce Pregnancy Related Low Back Pain

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