Have you tried hundreds or even thousands of kegels without results? Not sure if your pelvic floor is weak, tight, or just not responding?

We have a special quiz just for you...

Take this Quiz to Find Out:
What Type Pelvic Floor Do You Have?

- Have you tried hundreds or even thousands of kegels without results?

- Does it feel like something is not the same as it used to be in your pelvic floor?

- Do you have pain or leaking of pee with coughing or sneezing?

- Do you feel a bulging or heaviness in your pelvic floor area at the end of the day or during your monthly cycle?

- Does it feel like no matter what you try, nothing changes?

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms above, this quiz is for you!

This Quiz Helps You Answer: What Type of Pelvic Floor Do You Have?

Discover the 3 common types of pelvic floors we see with our clients and which you type you have.
Hint...only one out of the three types responds well to kegel exercises.

What Other Women are Saying About Proximity Telehealth

Anne, at Proximity, gave me simple exercises that I can do daily that have helped immensely. She also educated me on why I have hip pain from delivering my kids, and how I can strengthen my pelvic floor, core, and hips. I am no longer in pain daily post workout (running or cycling) and am thrilled with my results!
Emily, 38

A Message from Our Founder Anne Madden, PT, DPT

Years ago I was just like you, frustrated by pain, pelvic floor, and abdominal symptoms that wouldn't go away. I am Dr. Anne Madden, PT, DPT a pregnancy and postpartum physical therapist and founder of Proximity Telehealth. I believe women are deserving of exceptional care during pregnancy, postpartm, and pelvic floor recovery. As a mother of 3, I have been through all of these stages.

I understand first hand what it is like to STRUGGLE with pelvic floor symptoms, incontinence,
and prolapse.

My pelvic floor symptoms were so frustrating. I felt completely alone because none of my friends had ever mentioned anything like this was happening to them. I was so embarrassed and confused by what was going on with my body that I didn't tell a soul.

My OBs never asked about any of my symptoms, and I wasn't about to bring it up if they didn't, so I struggled for nearly two years with these symptoms. I am now back to the activities I LOVE (hiking and running) carefree and looking forward to a lifetime of healthy activity.

Here's the deal...

There are BIG consequences that come from not recovering well after having a baby. Too many mothers suffer from back, neck, or knee pain that started or got worse after their children were born. Injuries compound over time and ramp up in your late 40s and 50s. By that time many women have been struggling with joint pain, pelvic floor issues, and peeing their pants for 15+ years.

Pelvic floor symptoms affect up to 40% of women after having a baby and over 50% of women over the age of 65. These symptoms are the second leading cause of women being admitted to nursing homes. This is information ever woman who has a baby SHOULD know. But the fabulous news here is that EVEN IF you have been suffering for years and have ALREADY tried kegels and other exercises, we have so much more to offer you and are here to guide you past the problems that are holding you back!

As a mother of 3 and a physical therapist, who suffered from significant prolapse and incontinence symptoms and is now back to running 5+ miles leak and symptom free, I KNOW what steps it takes to relieve your symptoms and return YOU to activity carefree.

The fact is...

Women who don't take action, don't get better. We see significant improvements in pelvic floor function and symptoms in women right after having babies all the way up to our clients in their 70s.

The majority of our clients ask us the same questions...

- I have already done hundreds of kegels...why do I still have symptoms?

- I have been going to the gym and have a personal trainer...why hasn't this gone away?

- No one has ever asked me about this....isn't this just something I have to deal with now
that I am a mom and getting older?

- What am I doing wrong?

Don't get stuck in the waiting place of trying to make a decision. Many women wait weeks, months, even years. We have never had a client regret taking action too soon to solve these problems. Don't let indecision get in the way of the life you SHOULD be living.

Your next important step is to take action.

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