Are you struggling with controlling your bladder and feel like it is holding you back from activities you love?

We have a special guide just for you...

5 Tips to Get Your Bladder Under Control without Medication or Surgery

- Are you leaking pee with coughing, sneezing or jumping?

- Are you avoiding social events due to fear of people discovering you leaking?

- Do you wear only black pants to the gym for fear that people will see pee on your clothing?

- Do you have the urge to pee every single time you pick up your keys to leave the house?

- Have you tried kegel exercises and they are not working for you?

If you are experiencing any of the above then this FREE Guide is for you!!

(Free Guide) Teaches You 5 Tips to Get Your Bladder Under Control

Discover how to get back to the activities you love, boost your self image, and get out of spending money and time in the incontinence aisle!

What other women just like you are saying about Proximity Telehealth

"I started working with Proximity Telehealth for a 2 finger diastasis and terrible posture + hip and back pain from my "stuck in pregnant posture." After 3 weeks, I could see a huge change in my posture as well as the gap. True test: I sneezed with a full bladder while squatting down at work and did not pee myself! Anne is lovely and the video appointments are so easy and actually easier to be honest. Highly recommend Proximity Telehealth.
Kacey N.
35, Mother of 2

A Message From Our Founder, Dr. Anne Madden, PT, DPT...

Years ago, I was just like you, frustrated by pain, pelvic floor and abdominal symptoms that wouldn’t go away. I am Dr. Anne Madden, PT, DPT a pregnancy and postpartum physical therapist and founder of Proximity Telehealth. I believe women are deserving of exceptional care during pregnancy and postpartum. As a mother of 3, I know what it’s like to deal with all that mom life brings!

I understand, first hand, the HUGE TRANSITION your body goes through with pregnancy and after delivery.

Postpartum is such a hard time for so many women! Images of women in high heels and in their pre-pregnancy clothing on social media 3 weeks after delivery are NOT the reality for MOST women. This was certainly not reality for me after any of my 3 deliveries. “Bouncing back” is not the goal at Proximity but rather recovering well, strong and back to the activities you love carefree for a lifetime of healthy activity.

Here’s are the consequences of not recovering well. Too many mothers suffer from back, neck, or knee pain, that started shortly after their children were born. Injuries compound over time and ramp up in your late 40’s and 50’s. By that time, many patients have been struggling with pain, pelvic floor issues and peeing their pants for 15+ years.

Incontinence, peeing your pants, is the 2nd leading cause for people to be admitted to a nursing home and 50% of people in the United States over the age of 65 are incontinent. Not to mention all the joint replacements and chronic back pain. Ending up in a wheelchair, wearing diapers 24/7 is not what I want for myself or ANY of you. The fabulous news here is that we are here to guide you past the problems that are holding you back!

As a mom, who suffered from significant prolapse and incontinence symptoms and is now back to running 5+ mile leak and symptom free, I know what steps it takes to relieve your symptoms and return YOU to activity carefree.

Postpartum is the ideal time to start. You don’t have to sacrifice the lifestyle you want over problems that can be fixed. That’s why we made this free guide just for you.

The majority of our patient ask us the same questions…

-Why do I leak pee when I cough/sneeze/exercise?

-Is this just because I am a mom now and have to deal with it?

-My doctor said “that’s just how it is now.” Is that true?

-Will I ever be able to run a mile pain and leak free?

Don’t get stuck trying to make a decision about what to do next. Many women go days, weeks, months (even years!) without taking action. Don’t let small pelvic floor symptoms turn into big ones.

Your next important step is to take action.

Get Your Guide Here to Learn the Steps to Get Your Bladder Under Control

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