Is my Diastasis Recti treatable?

Hi Ladies! Are you a busy mom who is struggling with a condition like diastasis recti (abdominal separation)? Any mother who has been asked, “When is your baby due?” AFTER she has already had her baby completely understands this and how frustrating it can be.


The answer is yes, if you focus on identifying the factors contributing to your diastasis recti symptoms and perform the RIGHT exercises and strategies for YOU. This is why a generic fitness program of exercises will not work for many women. Our specialists see many contributing factors like scar tissue, intra-abdominal pressure problems and rib flare to name a few. Many women have more than one factor making recovery not so straight forward.

Individual treatment sessions are the gold standard for diastasis healing and strength and will speed your recovery compared to generic exercises. Our goal is to reduce your symptoms by making you stronger doing the activities you need or want to do not eliminating those activities from your life.

“Each woman is as unique as the baby she has welcomed into the world and our treatment of mothers needs to reflect this”