How can you best support an employee who is having a baby to return to your business healthy and focused?

Studies show it takes most women 1 year to physically and emotionally recover from the birth of a child yet we know that 45% of women are back to work within 40 days of the birth of a child.

Of these new mothers who return to work so soon, close to 50% will suffer from common physical and emotional problems after birth. This leads to decreased concentration at work, increased absences, more depression and lower quality of life.

Support your employee as she transitions from pregnancy, to motherhood, to returning to work

We provide the most convenient maternity benefits package available to businesses. All 4 of our specialty care services are available individually or through packages to your employees over telehealth. We deliver the care over secure and confidential video chat so that your employees can access treatment without leaving their home or office. This delivery method significantly decreases the time your employee with be away from work and maximizes treatment time per session.



3rd Trimester Birth Prep Program

12 Week Physical/Emotional Preparation FOr Birth

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4th Trimester Birth Recovery Program

12 Week Physical/Emotional Recovery From Birth

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Lunch and Learn For Employees/Management

Series oF 1 Hour Talks on Return to Work Topics

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